Employee engagement vs your business.

Discover the ins and outs of employee engagement and learn why you should start measuring it now.

Why should you build engagement?

In a modern, fast-paced work environment, high employee engagement is considered to be one of the cornerstones of a successful business. Both industry professionals and human resources researchers agree, that high engagement rates among employees constitute a powerful competitive advantage for any business. The most common benefits linked to improved engagement are:

Lower work absenteeism

(Gallup Institute, 2004)

Reduced employee turnover

(Corporate Leadrship Council, 2004)

Improved business profitability

(Gallup Institute, 2016)

Higher quality of products or services

(Ditchburn, 2007)

More positive workplace atmosphere

(Gallup Institute, 2015-16)

How to measure employee engagement?

In the time of omnipresent, interconnected mobile devices, traditional paper-based annual surveys have become obsolete. Along with the millennial generation’s rise on the job market, engagement surveys needed to adapt, in order to measure the employees’ pulse. The surveys now must be carried out frequently to provide real-time data on how employees feel about their work at any given time and how their feelings are changing. The new generation of surveys enables conversion of immaterial concepts, such as emotions, social behaviors and attitudes, into digestible data sets.

Engagement survey
Data analysis
Strategy development
Implementation of changes
Results benchmark

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